Resiliency and Change

AWS Week 26:

Well, here we are at the end of April. A month full of good conversations and review of many different aspects of change. The intensity of our topic seems to beg the question: if change is constantly affecting us, how do we endure? What happens to enable us to persevere through life despite the challenges that change creates? I wanted to offer some encouragement for this concern and share some outcomes that we can seek to depend upon as we survive changes.

Outcome #1: Changes teach us things about ourselves that we may not have learned any other way

We have hinted around at this before this month – that there may be change that initially is not wanted, but over time the event may become something that we integrated into our lives. In doing so, we also may have also grown to appreciate how we adapted, grew, and changed after a difficult event. In these situations, I do not believe people would say that they would have chosen the situation directly if they had other options, however, they can now view the event in a more fully understood way.

Outcome #2: Surviving change events prepares us for further challenges

If you get knocked down a lot, you learn how to get up quicker, easier, and wiser than the first time. A person can start to plan ahead and know themselves better or plan better to mitigate pain or discomfort. This is the basis for resiliency: the ability to bounce back from difficulty. We may initially get the wind knocked out of us at the initial impact of change, but the more times we face similar difficulties, the increased chance that we will apply what we have learned. Thus, our ability and confidence are greater as we press on ahead.

Outcome #3: Our mental fortitude and outlook can be strengthened due to the wisdom that is gained

If you have noticed on some of our Friday emails this month, I have included the following phrase:

Change + Response + Outcome = Wisdom

This formula is important to keep in mind throughout our lives. What we go through teaches us things about ourselves, others, and the world around us. If we can leverage this information and apply it to our own benefit, then we become wise in how we prepare for future situations. Wisdom can help bring some peace to difficult situations, regrets, and changes that have occurred. Wisdom allows us to view ourselves as a little more prepared and knowledgeable for whatever will come next.

Outcome #4: Change can deepen our relationships with others thus increasing our connectedness with them

Going through change is easier with a support network around you. This phrase has been repeated often in the posts this month and during Wednesday mornings. Sharing each others burdens, participating in the lives of our friends and families, and seeking to speak about pain and suffering together, can deepen our emotional connectedness and strengthen our mental preparedness for change. No one can make it through life alone – especially during devastating changes. But, if we are fortunate to have people looking out for us and active in our lives, then we will have support, strength, advice, and endurance to keep going.

I really do appreciate the times when I can share important things with you. This month has been satisfying because front loading each of you with information about how to handle change is one of the reasons why AWS exists. It is a desire of mine to help people NOT need counseling because they have established healthy ways of living, reasonable expectations for themselves, and are connected with others so that life is more manageable. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you feel more prepared to face the changes that will come in your life.

Do your best at applying what you can from all of this information and see what happens in your life.

– AWS believes that wellness incorporates both a strong body and a strong mind –